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Revolutionizing how EHS teams engage with data

In complex work environments, navigating safety risks across various dashboards, files, and documents can be overwhelming. Protex Copilot simplifies this process by offering customized insights, facilitating smoother daily operations.

Effortlessly Enhance Safety Communications

Protex Copilot auto-generates customized presentations and reports from the latest site data, keeping safety meetings engaging and informed. Save time and enhance on-site safety awareness effortlessly.

Unlock Deeper Insights into Incidents

Explore your site's safety data effortlessly with Protex Copilot. Empowering EHS teams to interactively analyze incident data, simplifying root cause identification and prevention.

Empower On-Site Evaluations

Take your site walks to the next level with Protex Copilot. Access instant playback of recent on-site incidents for valuable insights as you move. Revolutionize site evaluations with
real-time data and visual aids, pinpointing safety improvements precisely where needed.

Prioritize Safety with Data-Driven Suggestions

Stay ahead with Protex Copilot's corrective action suggestions. Analyzing your site's data, it recommends actionable steps to mitigate identified risks, enabling EHS leaders to prioritize safety concerns effectively.

Enhancing safety with 24/7 insights to risk

Vehicle Control

Protex AI helps ensure vehicle and operator compliance with approved operation zones, speed limits, exclusion zones, and personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements.

PPE Detection

Our system swiftly identifies workers who may be missing essential personal protective equipment (PPE) such as hard hats, gloves, masks, and more.

Behavioral Safety

Protex AI can assist in preventing injuries caused by various behavioral patterns, including pedestrians running in operational zones, mobile phone usage, handrail compliance, and more.


Protex AI detects and captures ergonomicsissues in real-time, enabling early intervention to prevent both acute and chronic injuries among workers

Area Control

Protex AI can establish perimeter controls, prevents access to restricted areas, and limits occupational exposure through timed activities to ensure worker safety.

Marks & Spencer Reduced Incidents By 80% in 10 weeks

Protex AI gives us total visibility over our risk profile, enabling the team to detect unsafe events when we are not on-site, tag recurring trends, and develop proactive training programs - positively changing the culture around safety in M&S.

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