Proactive Safety Realised.

3rd Gen AI-Powered EHSQ Technology

Realise an injury-free workplace with computer vision that understands risk

Protect Your Workers

Data-driven Safety Culture

Adopt and drive a more comprehensive proactive safety culture

24/7 Safety Audits

Get access to continuous safety audits to augment data from manual audits.

Configurable Rules

Simply configure the cameras to understand what risk means in your facility.

Video Evidence

Access video evidence of unsafe acts/incidents to discuss in safety meetings.


Save time on intermittent audits & get the insights needed to do your job more efficiently.

Mitigate Costly Risks

Protex proactive safety workflows help save cost on claims and time off work.

Data-driven Insurance Discussions

Added leverage in insurance discussions on making more risks insurable.

Document Trail

Access to full transparent document trail for evidence based reviews.

Preserving Organisational Privacy

Processing, storage and platform access is on-site, protecting your companies privacy.

Guardian Angel

Work in the comfort of knowing that the Protex platform is helping your EHS team protect you.

Safer Workplace

A safer workplace means you can focus on your job and not the risk.

Preserving Personal Privacy

The platform doesn't capture any personally identifiable information/use facial recognition.

How it works


Connect your existing cameras

We provide a vision processing box that plugs into your local network, connects to your cameras, then processes and stores your data on-site.


Build your vision safety procedures

Leverage your domain knowledge of your facility to teach the cameras how to understand risk.


Intuitive Setup
Protex plugs into your existing on-site camera infrastructure with ease.
Configurable Rules
Leverage the EHS team's domain knowledge, translating safety procedures into the real world.
Privacy Preserving Vision
Protex AI will continuously monitor the state of risk in your facility while preserving privacy.
Actionable Insights
Gain key insights into how safety compliance and facility usage contribute to risk levels.
Use Protex's powerful reporting engine to help the entire team understand the state of safety.
Autonomous Safety Audits
Protex never stops working for you constantly reporting potential risks in your facility.

Understand EHSQ compliance in your workplace

Get the insights you need to protect your workforce.
Workers are killed in the workplace in the U.S. every year
Of accidents can be prevented before they ever occur
Protex allows you to identify risk autonomously and continuously

Proactive EHSQ

Get our take on why proactive EHSQ workflows are so important and how Protex can empower you to adopt them.

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See how Protex AI can revolutionise your safety workflows and enhance your ability to protect your workforce.

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Customer Insight

“Protex AI solves a huge problem for our safety team. It's simply impossible to keep an eye on everything that happens throughout the day on the terminal floor. Protex AI allows us to not only keep an eye out for risk but will also allow us to understand any lapses in compliance”

Mark Lawless
Operations Manager, DSG, Dublin Port

Proactive Safety Realised.
Dynamic Risk Understood.

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