Industrial Manufacturing
AI Safety Solution

With Protex, EHS teams are empowered to achieve comprehensive risk visibility, enabling them to identify potential hazards, implement timely preventive measures, and ensure the utmost safety for their employees within the intricate landscape of the manufacturing industry.

Industrial Manufacturing Common Risk Types

Jumping Over Conveyor Belts

Working in proximity to conveyor belts demands precaution to avert serious injuries. Protex can autonomously trigger alerts for non-compliance with safety regulations, such as attempting to jump over belts.


Be in multiple places at once with the help of your CCTV cameras! Allow them to conduct ongoing ergonomic assessments on your behalf. With Protex AI, detect leading indicators of musculoskeletal injuries, such as overreaching, seamlessly.


Running through indoor facilities or confined spaces can be risky, given the limited space, potential obstacles, and the risk of collisions with others. AI can play a vital role in curbing such unsafe behaviors by providing ongoing education to teams about workplace safety.

Machine Area Control

Perimeter controls act as a protective shield, establishing a safe zone between workers and dangerous machinery. With Protex, safety takes the front seat, ensuring workers are kept out of danger.

Person Walking in
Wrong Direction

Going against the designated flow can lead to high-risk collisions that jeopardize safety. With Protex, you gain complete visibility into these unsafe behaviors, empowering you to craft implement corrective strategies for enhanced safety.

Vehicle Restricted Area

At Protex, we go beyond simply detecting vehicles; our system can also identify vehicles in restricted zones where they could pose risks such as potential collisions, unauthorized access, and other dangers.

Build Custom Safety Rules Common to your Manufacturing Shop Floor

Our AI workplace safety software can utilize your EHS domain knowledge to educate your cameras on perceiving potential risks and hazards present in your premises. This advanced capability enables your cameras to accurately detect commonly occurring dangers, encompassing a wide range of prevalent hazards such as:

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Exclusion zones
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Manual handling
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Forklift, EPT & Truck Collisions
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PPE detection

Streamlined Event Review and Risk Identification

Experience the power of our user-friendly event log, enabling you to effortlessly monitor non-compliant events in real-time throughout your entire manufacturing facility. Empower yourself to swiftly respond and safeguard your workforce.

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Filtering events by camera, tag and rule
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Custom tagging of events
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Group actions on events
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Seamlessly share events with colleagues

Comprehensive Reporting and Dashboard Capabilities

Enhance your safety audit process by integrating comprehensive digital reports, complementing your manual safety audits to amplify the insights you bring to your health and safety meetings.

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Evidence based reports
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Auto generated safety reports
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Flexible mark-down for write ups
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Tag stakeholders and share with your team

Collaborative Corrective Actions for EHS Teams

Experience the collaborative power of our storyboard functionality, enabling EHS teams to work together on analyzing safety events and implementing effective corrective actions.

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Group similar themed events
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Add documents, actions and commentary
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Share with stakeholders
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Enable automatic email workflows

Trusted by Proactive EHS Teams Across the Globe

Protex AI gives us total visibility over our risk profile, enabling the team to detect unsafe events when we are not on-site, tag recurring trends, and develop proactive training programs - positively changing the culture around safety in M&S.

HSE Specialist
Alice Conners

Protex AI Risk Categories

Vehicle Control

Protex AI helps ensure vehicle and operator compliance with approved operation zones, speed limits, exclusion zones, and personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements.

PPE Detection

Our system swiftly identifies workers who may be missing essential personal protective equipment (PPE) such as hard hats, gloves, masks, and more.

Behavioral Safety

Protex AI can assist in preventing injuries, such as those caused by pedestrians in operational zones


Protex AI detects and captures ergonomics issues in real-time, enabling early intervention to prevent both acute and chronic injuries among workers

Area Control

Our system can establish perimeter controls, prevents access to restricted areas, and limits occupational exposure through timed activities to ensure worker safety and well-being.


Our system can establish perimeter controls, prevents access to restricted areas, and limits occupational exposure through timed activities to ensure worker safety and well-being.

Trusted By Proactive Enterprise EHS Teams Across The Globe

Revolutionize how you Identify Risk in your Workplace