70% Reduction In Near Misses: Transforming Safety In Food Distribution

Learn how Protex AI helped a leading global food distributor reduce near miss by 70%.

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The Challenge

Solving High Risk Hotspots

A global leader in the wholesale industry, specializing in the distribution of food products to a diverse range of sectors worldwide, the organization operates with a dedicated workforce of over 71,000 employees. It prides itself on maintaining an extensive network of distribution centers, numbering over 300 worldwide. This infrastructure enables the organization to efficiently cater to the complex needs of more than 700,000 customer locations globally.

Within this dynamic and fast-paced environment, where operational efficiency intertwines with safety, the company faced distinct challenges. Amidst the operational bustle, two major safety concerns became apparent, posing risks not only to staff wellbeing but also to the integrity and smooth running of operations:

  • Challenges in the Targeted Areas: The area designated for wrapping, bustling with activity, became a hotspot for "near miss" incidents due to its limited space and high traffic, necessitating a strategic overhaul for improved safety.
  • Overhead Door Misuse: Incorrect usage of overhead doors by the staff disrupted operational flow and increased safety hazards, highlighting a gap in training and awareness that demanded a comprehensive remedy.
“Protex has been instrumental in creating a proactive safety culture. It empowers our supervisors and managers with the tools and data they need to ensure a safe working environment for everyone.”
EHS Director
The Solution

Understanding the Risk

In response to these challenges, the facility embarked on a journey with Protex AI, a AI platform that uses privacy-preserving camera monitoring software to provide companies with 24/7 visibility into their organizations risk. Protex AI emerged as a transformative ally, providing a suite of solutions designed to tackle the facility's unique safety challenges. To enhance safety, specific rules were implemented:

  • Vehicle Speeding: Regulating vehicle speeds to prevent accidents.
  • Vehicle/Person Near Miss: Reducing close calls between vehicles and personnel.
  • Person Walking in Wrong Direction: Ensuring correct pedestrian pathways.
  • Vehicle/Vehicle Near Miss in No Go Zones: Preventing vehicle close calls in restricted areas.
  • Vehicle Driving in Wrong Direction: Correcting wrong-way driving in traffic flow.

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The outcome

Cutting Risks, Boosting Efficiency

Through the deployment of AI technology, Protex AI delivered a holistic view of potential risks, empowering the facility to implement proactive safety measures that significantly mitigated accidents and near-miss incidents.

  • Protex AI's implementation resulted in over a 70% reduction in near misses within the designated area, showcasing the impact of technological intervention on improving safety protocols and spatial organization. Furthermore, Protex AI’s insights facilitated an over 800% boost in operational awareness regarding the use of overhead doors, radically changing usage practices and ensuring a safer, more efficient operational environment.
  • Furthermore, Protex AI’s insights facilitated an over 800% boost in operational awareness regarding the use of overhead doors, radically changing usage practices and ensuring a safer, more efficient operational environment.

The success story goes beyond impressive metrics; it's about cultivating a safety-centric culture where every employee contributes to a safer workplace. Their partnership with Protex AI not only addressed immediate concerns but also established a foundation for ongoing operational excellence and safety. This collaboration has not only led to significant safety improvements but has also positioned the facility on a path of continuous innovation and advancement. By leveraging AI to redefine workplace safety, the facility emerges as a beacon of operational efficiency and safety within the logistics and distribution landscape.

“We see Protex as a proactive safety supervisor that helps our teams on the floor, driving a proactive approach to safety. With Protex, we can see statistics and monitor improvements. If we notice an increase in near misses, we can dive deeper into the data to understand the context and take corrective actions.”
EHS Director

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