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Looking to learn more about revolutionizing how you and your team make proactive safety decisions that help contribute to a safer work environment?

In the video, you will learn more about..

Use cases for unsafe event capture
Camera integration
Building custom safety rules
Digesting event capture
Reporting and dashboards
Event storyboard feature

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What our customers say

Protex AI gives us total visibility over our risk profile, enabling the team to detect unsafe events when we are not on-site, tag recurring trends, and develop proactive training programs - positively changing the culture around safety in M&S.

Alice Conners
HSE Specialist

Protex saves us a lot of time by automatically collecting unsafe observations . It has helped us to understand unsafe behaviours and implement corrective actions to ensure they do not continue to happen in our facilities.

Kyle Durward
Health and Safety Professional

Protex AI helps us to generate regular reports, and with this data, these insights, we can make direct changes.  The biggest benefit, as I see it, is that we can prevent accidents before they actually happen, and by this, target a zero-incident policy.

Christian Lundbak
Head of IT/BPO