Ports & Maritime
AI Safety Solution

The magnitude of activities within port terminals poses a significant obstacle when it comes to identifying potential risks. Protex provides comprehensive visibility of on-site hazards enabling EHS teams to promptly detect and proactively prevent potential hazards.

Ports & Maritime Common Risk Types

Speed Limit Detection

Enforcing speed limits can pose a challenge in the absence of a dedicated health and safety manager present at all times. However, with Protex, you can achieve comprehensive visibility into these risks and effectively formulate corrective action plans.

Vehicle/Worker Near Miss

Define precise safety zones for both people and vehicles, and receive instant real-time alerts when predefined safety limits are breached. With this robust ally at your service, you can proactively safeguard both vehicle operators and pedestrians, guaranteeing collision prevention and fostering a safer environment with confidence.

Maximum Vehicle Count

More vehicles in a confined space heighten the risk of incidents. With Protex, you can proactively prevent overcrowding and uphold safety standards

Worker distance To Vehicle

Maintaining a safe distance between workers and vehicles is crucial to prevent a range of accidents. With Protex, you can take proactive measures to protect both vehicle operators and pedestrians, confidently avoiding potential collisions.

Vehicle Operation Zones

Consistency in how vehicles behave is about more than just driver safety – Protex gives you complete visibility on vehicle operation zone deviations, acting as a protective shield to prevent incidents and keep everyone safe.

Vehicle Restricted Area

At Protex, we go beyond simply detecting vehicles; our system can also identify vehicles in restricted zones where they could pose risks such as potential collisions, unauthorized access, and other dangers.

Build custom safety rules common to your port facilities

Our AI safety software leverages your EHS domain knowledge, allowing you to teach your cameras how to understand risk and danger in your facility and detect the most common hazards such as:

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Exclusion zones
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Manual handling
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Truck & crane altercations
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PPE detection

Streamlined event review and risk identification

Our intuitive event log allows the user to seamlessly review non-compliant events in real-time across your entire facility, empowering you to take prompt actions to protect workers.

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Filter events by camera, tag and rule
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Custom tagging of events
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Group actions on events
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Seamlessly share events with colleagues

Comprehensive reporting and dashboard capabilities

Strengthen your safety audit process with comprehensive digital reports and use them alongside your manual safety audits to enhance the insights that you bring to your health and safety meetings.

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Evidence based reports
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Auto generated safety reports
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Flexible mark-down for write ups
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Tag stakeholders and share with your team

Collaborative corrective actions for EHS teams

Our storyboard functionality allows EHS teams to collaborate on learnings from safety events and implement corrective actions.

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Group similar themed events
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Add documents, actions and commentary
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Share with stakeholders
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Enable automatic email workflows

Trusted by Proactive EHS Teams Across the Globe

Protex AI gives us total visibility over our risk profile, enabling the team to detect unsafe events when we are not on-site, tag recurring trends, and develop proactive training programs - positively changing the culture around safety in M&S.

HSE Specialist
Alice Conners

Protex AI Risk Categories

Vehicle Control

Protex AI helps ensure vehicle and operator compliance with approved operation zones, speed limits, exclusion zones, and personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements.

PPE Detection

Our system swiftly identifies workers who may be missing essential personal protective equipment (PPE) such as hard hats, gloves, masks, and more.

Behavioral Safety

Protex AI can assist in preventing injuries, such as those caused by pedestrians in operational zones


Protex AI detects and captures ergonomics issues in real-time, enabling early intervention to prevent both acute and chronic injuries among workers

Area Control

Our system can establish perimeter controls, prevents access to restricted areas, and limits occupational exposure through timed activities to ensure worker safety and well-being.


Our system can establish perimeter controls, prevents access to restricted areas, and limits occupational exposure through timed activities to ensure worker safety and well-being.

Trusted By Proactive Enterprise EHS Teams Across The Globe

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