73% Decrease In Incidents: AI-Driven Port Safety By Protex AI

Learn how Protex AI helped a leading European logistics and shipping firm reduce incidents by 73%.

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The Challenge

Maximizing Safety in a Dynamic Port Environment

In the heart of Europe, a leading logistics and shipping firm operates at the nexus of global trade, overseeing a vast operation characterized by a constant flow of cargo and personnel. Tasked with the responsibility of safeguarding a large and diverse workforce alongside millions of tonnes of cargo, the company's commitment to safety is unparalleled. Despite their comprehensive safety protocols, the dynamic and complex nature of port operations presented a formidable challenge: achieving real-time visibility into potential risks scattered across their terminals.

"Protex AI has been a game-changer for us, It’s like having another set of eyes on the terminal at all times. The software is constantly monitoring activity and alerting us to potential safety hazards.”
Operations Manager
The Solution

Tailored Safety Campaigns & Collaborative Strategies for Success

Recognizing the need for an advanced solution, the company engaged with Protex AI, a pioneer in computer vision technology geared towards enhancing operational safety. Protex AI introduced an AI-powered platform capable of integrating with the company’s existing surveillance infrastructure to monitor and analyze activities across the port, identifying safety hazards as they emerge.

A pivotal aspect of implementing Protex AI's solution was the bespoke customization to meet the unique requirements of the port's operations. The collaboration saw the development of specific safety campaigns targeting high-risk activities, particularly focusing on the operation of heavy machinery such as RTG cranes, which posed significant safety challenges.

  • Worker Movement in Operational Zones: By closely observing worker patterns around these high-risk zones, the joint team identified a recurring risk associated with personnel navigating through active crane lanes. A targeted safety initiative was launched, aimed at significantly reducing foot traffic in these areas through real-time monitoring and alerting.
  • Crane Operation Near Misses: Another critical safety concern was the proximity of ground personnel to moving cranes. Given the cranes' operational height, detecting nearby workers posed a visibility challenge. The integration of Protex AI's solution enabled proactive monitoring, drastically reducing near-miss incidents by alerting crane operators to the presence of personnel.
  • Ensuring Pedestrian Safety at Entry Points: The entry lanes to the port presented yet another risk, with the potential for pedestrian accidents. A rule-based alert system was established to monitor and manage foot traffic effectively, ensuring the safety of all personnel entering or exiting the port premises.

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Overcoming Challenges

Facilitating Worker and Management Buy-In

Implementing a new technology in a setting as complex as a port required more than just technical integration; it necessitated winning the trust and support of the workforce and management. Recognizing the potential apprehension towards new technology, particularly concerns about job security and the implications of AI, the implementation strategy included:

  • Transparent Communication: From the outset, Protex AI and the company leadership engaged in open dialogues with the workforce, explaining the technology’s purpose, functionality, and, importantly, its role in enhancing, not replacing, human efforts in safety management.
  • Training Sessions: Hands-on training sessions were conducted by Protex AI’s Client Success team, ensuring that employees at all levels understood how to interact with the new system and could see firsthand how it augmented their ability to maintain safety.
  • Demonstrating Value: Highlighting quick wins and tangible improvements in safety records helped solidify the value of the Protex AI system. By showcasing real-life incidents where the technology played a crucial role in preventing accidents, the team illustrated its immediate benefits to worker safety.
“With Protex AI, we’ve been able to significantly reduce safety events. The software has been a key factor in our safety program and has helped us create a safer work environment for our staff, customers, and suppliers.”
Operations Manager
The Outcome

A Safer, More Connected Port

Overall, the partnership with Protex AI has been a success. Since implementing Protex AI, the company has increased their visibility by 400%, from an average of 3 daily observations through site walks and reporting. With 24/7 reporting using Protex, they have seen a significant reduction in safety events and near misses by 73%. The platform has helped safety managers quickly identify and address potential issues before they become serious problems.

In the graph below, you will find a visual representation of the various rule categories analyzed during the safety campaign. The increased visibility is reflected in the initial spikes shown at the beginning of the graph. As the campaign progressed, a positive shift in behavior began to emerge. The company used the extra visibility to identify areas of concern and trends with relation to shifts and time of day. The operations and safety team used this data in weekly safety meetings to discuss relevant corrective actions that could be implemented. The most effective of which was the consistent use of video data to highlight unsafe behaviors to shift managers, which in turn was communicated to workers during the daily toolbox talks. Over time, the campaign continued to make significant progress, ultimately reaching a point of stability and consistency. This progress is clearly depicted in the graph, showcasing a steady decline in the number of safety events as time passed. This decline serves as a testament to the campaign's effectiveness in cultivating a safety-oriented culture and instigating positive changes in behaviors.

“With Protex AI, we’ve been able to significantly reduce safety events,” states the Operations Manager. “The software has been a key factor in our safety program and has helped us create a safer work environment for our staff, customers, and suppliers.” In addition to the safety benefits, Protex AI has also helped improve overall operational efficiency. By automating safety monitoring and alerting, staff members are able to focus on other critical tasks, leading to increased productivity and cost savings. “Protex AI has helped us streamline our safety operations and improve overall efficiency,” says the representative. “The platform has allowed us to focus on other critical tasks while still maintaining a high level of safety.” In conclusion, Protex AI has been an invaluable tool, helping to significantly improve safety operations and overall operational efficiency. As the representative concludes, “I would highly recommend Protex AI to any organization that values safety and wants to create a safer work environment.

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