Using AI to reduce incidents in the workplace

Discover how AI can revolutionize occupational health and safety (OHS) systems, making reporting and improving safety easier and more efficient.

What to Expect

Accidents are expensive. They damage morale, reduce productivity, and can result in civil andcriminal legal proceedings. Most organisations try to prevent major accidents by investigatingminor ones, along with near misses. But getting people to report events where there is little orno actual harm can be difficult, and using those reports to identify improvements inoccupational health and safety (OHS) management is time-consuming. Can AI provide aneffective short-cut?

The health and safety team at Marks & Spencer, a well-known Britishretailer, believe it can. We’ll walk you through the arguments for using AI and othertechnologies as part of your OHS system. At the end, we’ll find out if M&S reduced unsafebehaviours.

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