AI’s role in promoting a proactive safety culture

We understand building a proactive safety culture isn't easy, learn how AI can help.

What To Expect

Since the 1990s, organisations have attempted to improve safety culture. They have tried top-down approaches, with senior management making statements about how important safety is. However, many safety culture programmes stall after some initial improvements. Senior managers have invested in the programme. Workers on the frontline want to be safer and healthier.

For a busy manager there just isn’t time to get ahead with improvement programmes while they are doing the day-to-day supervision and management tasks.AI can provide some solutions to this stalling pattern, providing the extra set of hands – and eyes – that will help managers and supervisors to get on top of the workload and spend more time developing a proactive safety culture.

Our AI’s Role in Promoting a Proactive Safety Culture Whitepaper delves into the above in more detail and focuses on..

  • Relationship between safety culture and AI
  • What is a ‘good’ safety culture?
  • AI promoting a proactive and learning safety culture by:
  1. Reporting
  2. Mutual Trust
  3. Active Participation of Workers

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