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Elevating the Social Pillar: Safety AI's Role in ESG Reporting


What To Expect!

The "S" in ESG, often referred to as the social pillar of sustainability, represents the human element in the triple bottom line of people, profits, and planet. Remarkably, it's a relatively recent addition to the ESG landscape. However, the demand for enhanced ESG management and access to data has surged across all fronts – from investors and regulators to corporate clients, employees, and the wider public. This mounting pressure is indicative of a growing trend.

During this engaging session, we will dive into:

  • Evolution of the social pillar within ESG
  • Significance of innovative technologies in reporting excellence
  • Importance of near-miss reporting in enhancing ESG data integrity

Join our panel of experts as they explore the impact of advanced technologies like AI and computer vision on ESG data reporting. Learn how these innovations enhance the quality and accessibility of your organization's ESG data, making your global impact both significant and transparent.

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