Protex AI introduces new EcoOnline integration

The new Protex AI integration with EcoOnline makes it easier than ever to make data-informed safety decisions using computer vision.

December 1, 2022
3 mins
Protex AI introduces new EcoOnline integration

What is the integration of Protex AI with EcoOnline?

EcoOnline and Protex AI have joined forces to provide their customers with a suite of proactive reporting capabilities. This new integration will now make it easier than ever for EHS teams to to make data-informed safety decisions using computer vision. Protex AI users will now be able to automatically route all events to the EcoOnline system by simply connecting EcoOnline while creating a new rule or editing an existing one.

Benefits of Integration 

Custom Observation Capture

Protex AI's highly intuitive rule building tool allows an organisation's EHS team to utilise their own domain knowledge to create unlimited custom rules for observation capture specific to their work environment. Our easy-to-use functionality allows users to drag and drop rules that measure specific activities against workers or/and workplace vehicles. 

Increase Observation Reporting

Protex AI’s always-on solution will help increase safety observation capture, providing greater visibility of risk in your workplace. With our live integration with EcoOnline, the events derived from these rules that are built in Protex AI will appear in the EcoOnline portal via the Observation module and extensive reporting dashboards.

Promote Data Informed Decision-Making

Empower your EHS team to capitalise on the increase of observation reporting to make informed decisions that lead to safer workplaces. Our storyboard functionality allows users to collaborate on learnings from safety events and implement corrective actions. With our live integration with EcoOnline, users will be able to manage actions derived from events captured by Protex AI via the EcoOnline Action module.

Want to learn more ?

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