AI v the EHS manager webinar takeaways

Have you missed our recent webinar on how AI and The EHS Manager can work together to foster a culture of safety that is more proactive? ? Have a look at the key points discussed below.

September 23, 2022
3 mins
AI v the EHS manager webinar takeaways
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Webinar Summary

On our latest webinar, we had the opportunity of chatting with James Carter, Health & Safety Manager at Marks & Spencer, and Bridget Leathley, Health & Safety Consultant & Technology Expert, about how AI & EHS Managers can collaborate to establish a more proactive safety culture. Both panelists offered their expertise on the subject, discussing how AI will not replace EHS managers but rather enhance their roles, and James discussed how their company uses artificial intelligence to foster a proactive safety culture.  Check out some of the key points discussed below:

What is AI ?

Bridget discusses her perspective on general and narrow AI, as well as the broad concept of how EHS applications use various types of AI.

Will AI make people redundant or take over decision-making?

Bridget discusses AI conceptions and whether it will eventually replace EHS managers. She explains that it changes their work rather than replacing it, just as other forms of mechanisation have altered and created new jobs. She goes on to discuss how AI enhances the EHS managers role and assists them in dealing with increasing responsibilities. Following that, James goes over some of the advantages he has seen since incorporating AI into Marks & Spenser's health and safety workflow.

Marks & Spencers use case

James goes on to say that, in his experience, AI does not make workers obsolete; rather, it protects them by providing valuable information and giving the EHS manager more time to focus on health and safety improvements. He explains how the EHS manager is still in control of making decisions, how AI is a tool for improvement, and how other people on the team can be involved as well.

Watch the full webinar

Throughout the webinar, we received a lot of interesting questions such as looking at the tangible changes M&S saw after implementing an AI health and safety system into their workflow, different types of AI that could change the way health and safety managers do their jobs, and how different cultures and legislation may accept or reject AI-based platforms. If you want to watch the entire on-demand webinar, click here 👈🏼