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Our mission is to empower.

We strongly believe that every worker has the right to go home safe and healthy every day and every employer should have the best available tools to provide a safe working environment.

Our mission at Protex AI is to ensure that this is the case in every facility around the world by empowering EHS teams to adopt proactive safety cultures and in doing so realise an injury-free workplace. We're passionate about enabling this next generation of health and safety while also preserving individual and organisational privacy.
Our CORE values

Proactive Safety

Providing insights to empower EHSQ teams to make their facility a safer place to work is core to what we're about. Waiting for an accident to occur is a practice of the past.

Privacy Preservation

We're leveraging state of the art privacy by design and ethical frameworks to ensure that our customers have full ownership and control their sensitive data.

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The story so far.
Health and Safety Industry Revolutions

The health and safety industry has seen three core revolutions over the course of its lifetime.  
Augmented Analytics & AI-driven Safety
Recent advancements in AI-based technologies have been the catalyst for this new generation of health and safety. EHS teams who by their very nature thrive on data-driven decision are able to augment existing data-pools and extract insights that lead to increased understanding of safety in their facility.
Safety Industry Digitisation
The health and safety space was digitised in the early 2000's. Document based workflows and reporting systems were moved to a digital medium. This helped to consolidate data collected as well as distributing information to relevant stakeholders.
Safety standards and regulation
The foundations for the health and safety standards we know today were established in the 1970's. Mechanisms like signage, clipboards and floor markings were used as a means of enforcing compliance.

Proactive Safety Realised.

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